Guangdong QiMing Technology Development Co.,Ltd Solves Work Efficiency Problem

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  1. Customer: Guangdong QiMing Technology Development Co.,Ltd

Country: China

  1. Product Used:

ZKTeco face and fingerprint identification iFace series

  1. Case Description:

Guangdong QiMing Technology Development Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as QM), which is a professional informationalized service provider of education enrollment examination, commits to provide overall solution platform including enrollment examination management information, network examination and education resource management etc. QM was established in 1998 and now its brand has become a household name with nearly 200 employees.

To distinguish examinees’ ID cards and photos by human labor results in a low work efficiency and accuracy to prohibit ghostwriter in examination room. Meanwhile, because of scattered examination places, it also brings about a big problem in summarizing and managing information for the organizers. Therefore, QM was urgently looking for the best way that can successfully solve all the problems.

QM adopts ZK fingerprint and face identification device which has high performance and reliability. The device can centralize and summarize examinee information including their fingerprints and faces templates into the data base of the organizer. Before examination, manger can send the examinee information to the corresponding examination place by TCP/IP. Even without TCP/IP, they also can deliver the relevant information to the device by USB flash disk. When the examinees enter the examination place, the teachers can read the verification result and tell if they are the right examinee, which finally can prohibit hidden troubles like ghostwriter and irrelevant personnel entrance.

After using this solution, QM successfully solved the problems they concerned and ensured fairness of examination. This is a revolution of examinee identity management in China.


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