B1-C Time Attendance Terminal


B1-C is a 3” TFT fingerprint time & attendance terminal. With the Adoption of the new user-friendly firmware, it is a user-friendly device with the new firmware and latest core-board. We have improved its speed of recognition, and the chip encryption of the firmware can protect the language of the device from been changed. All those new function makes this device very attractive.


Remarkable User Experience

  • Intuitive and stunning UI designed with the most popular and internationalized element.
  • Interface operation adopts modularized hierarchical design. Simpler, better and more logical.
  • Great user interactivity.

Enhanced Features and Performance

  • Multi-languages.
  • Data backup and retrieve.
  • Advanced User ID consisted of letters and numbers.
  • Faster matching speed: Less than 0.5 secon

Excellent Expandability

Easy to extend functions and customize customers’ requirements.   



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