FR1500-WP Flush-Mounted RS-485 Fingerprint Reader

       ZK Boom Barrier is a product which ZKTeco owns the independent intellectual property rights. Its boom prevents entry of unauthorized vehicles to restricted area, and is raised by the linkage between the gate and the remote control, access control system, long-distance reader and number plate recognition system. If a floor sensor is installed, strike can be avoided, and the boom will be automatically lowered after the vehicle passes through the gate; otherwise, the boom can be lowered manually by using a remote controller or press button.

The boom can be equipped with pressure wave. When there is any hindrance during the boom lowering, the boom will be automatically raised to prevent it from striking vehicles or people. LED light tape is also optional for changing color
in boom raising or lowering, helping driver avoid hitting the boom.


Single gang Standard junction box installation.
Flush-Mounted Design for neat installation.
RS-485 Communication Interface.
SilkID Fingerprint Sensor.
Stainless Steel Front casing.
Fingerprint Protective Cover.






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