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License Plate Recognition Integrated Machine

     LPRS1000 uses a set of self-developed license plate recognition algorithm. The license plate recognition system combined with years of practical application of the industry, meeting the use of the license plate recognition application environment, facilitating the installation and debugging of the project, while getting rid of the traditional ticket box dependence. The product uses the license plate recognition camera, display screen, fill light and other integrated structure. The product has abundant type, diverse appearance, suitable for high-end community, commercial square, airport, hotel, industrial park and other places of various types of parking lot entrance management.


Fast and Accurate License Plate Recognition Algorithm

Professional algorithm development team, independent research and development algorithm
Algorithm recognition rate of 99.99%
Automatic license plate Recognition

Easy Installation and Connectivity

Camera,display screen, fll light and fixed base as integrated design

Easy Operation and Management

Supporting a professional parking  management software , achieving the entire parking lot system management

LED Screen Display

Real-time display license plate information, time, the amount of fees, the remaining empty parking spaces and other information
Can customize the display content

Beautiful and Elegant Design

Beautiful vertical appearance and elegant color

Applicable to Outdoor Harsh Environment

Camera: IP65
Integrated machine: IP54





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