SA521 is an Access Control Standalone Device with contact-less smart card and password verifications. EM and MIFARE smart cards are supported with specific models. With metallic case, simple and user-friendly keypad and interface, and embedded high-end microprocessor, it has high capacity of electrical impedance, and is able to provide stable security for up to 2,000 users. The unit is highly power-saving, and is equipped with luminous keypads, independent passwords, wiegand output, output shortage protection, doorbell button & interface, alarm function, and security level setting. Its convenience and adaptability allows it to be well deployed in residential housing, offices and any other public facilities.


Highly Power-saving: below 30mA in stand-by mode.
Luminous Keypad: enables normal operation at night and darkness.
Large Capacity: supports up to 2,000 users.
Independent Password: Password verifcation apart from smart card.
Password modifcation: Modifable passwords for users to customize.
Quick Verifcation: Less than 0.1 second from swiping to opening.
Output Shortage Protection: Auto output closure when shortage of lock or alarm occur.
Wiegand Output: Wiegand port for Wg26.
Card Deletion with Keypad: Allows direct deletion of loss card through keypad operation.
Tamperproof Alarm: Embedded auto alarm when illegal tampering occurs.
Doorbell Button and Interface: Isolated button from circuit, connectible to any doorbell.

Technical Parameters

Operating Voltage DC 12V±10%
User Capacity 2000
Card Reading Distance 3-6 cm
Active Current <60mA
Idle Current 25±5 mA
Lock Output Load Max 3A
Alarm Output Load Max 20A


Operating Temperature -45°C ~ 60°C
Operating Humidity 10%- 90% RH
Waterproof Yes
Adjustable Door Relay time 0 -99 seconds
Adjustable Alarm Time 0- 3 minutes
Wiegand Interface Wiegand 26 bit
Wiring Connections Electric Lock, Exit Button,
External Alarm,External reader


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