Ideal design, Powerful performance

       SLK20M as the smallest optical embedded module in the world. combines 2 megapixel image sensor with ARM9 processor for powerful performance. With ultimate can be flexibly integrated with various system applications without requiring any additional accessories.


Easy integration by smallest size without any extra accessories
Durable glass touch surface
Stable operation under strong light source
Quick recognition of dry, wet and rough fngers


Host Comm: 232-TTL/USB
CPU: 264MHz
Flash Memory: 32MB
Template Size: <2048 Bytes
Fingerprint Capacity: 2000
Sensor Option: optical
Resolution(dpi): 500
Image Capture Area: 15.24*20.32mm(FAP20 )
Image Size(px): 300*400
Finger Rotation: 360°
Supply Voltage: 5V:250mA scanning
5V:25mA idle(waiting for finger)
Module Dimension: 36.2*44.2*15.85mm(L*W*H)
Optional Feature: live fingerprint detection


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