ZKTime.Net 2.0

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ZKTime.Net 2.0

Easily Manage Your Employee Time & Attendance with ZKTime.Net 2.0


ZKTime.Net 2.0 is a Microsoft© Windows-based PC software designed to manage enterprise employee time and attendance. With the ZKTime.Net 2.0, work shift assignment and attendance data processing can be very convenient. Owning to the Pay Code and Pay Class functions, it can export both attendance records and corresponding payment rules in the report. By importing the report to your ERP or Payroll software you can easily calculate employee salary. ZKTime.Net 2.0 also provides various reports from which you can get almost any detailed information about your employee attendance.


Efficient Work Shift Assignment

You can not only assign the work shift for all the staff by simply setting the entire department work shift rules, but also set a personal work rule for special staff on special day which has a higher priority to the department work rules. Additional, the cycle shift can set the future shift rules automatically according to the current setting.

Pay Class and Pay Code

With the Pay Class, you can freely define your payment rules, like pay twice a month, once a month, daily or any other way you like.

With the Pay Code, you can define specific payment settings, like double pay for visiting customer time, no payment for lunch time or three times wages for working in statutory holiday, etc.

Software User Privilege Setting

ZKTime.Net 2.0 supports user privilege setting. Administrator can assign different privileges to the users by giving them some of the rights of selecting, updating or deleting data in different links.

E-mail Auto Reminder Function

You can use this function to send time attendance information to all employees such as attendance records, late, absent and total working information of the week.

Various Reports Export

It supports various attendance reports in different formats. With these reports, you can directly read the attendance information or use your ERP or Payroll software for salary processing.


Report TablesContent
Time Card ReportDisplay employee punch card information
Employee Schedule ReportShow employees’ work shift settings
Early Out ReportShow early leave records
Transactions ReportAttendance punch card time records
Time Card List ReportShow employees’ daily attendance time by department
Total Time Card ReportA summary punch time record of one employee
Late Come ReportShow late records
Hours Summary ReportShow staff’s time attendance list
Exceptions ReportShow exception records, like sick, holiday etc.
Daily Totals ReportA daily summary
Absence ReportAbsence statistics


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