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Thai Version

Lite Time Attendance Software for SME


        ZKTime.Net is a new generation time attendance management software. Meanwhile, it integrates with time attendance and access control system. Some frequently used functions such as attendance reports, device management and employee management can be managed directly on the home page which providing excellent user experience. Owing to the Pay code function, it can generate both time attendance records and corresponding payroll in the software and easy to merge with the most ERP and Payroll software, which can rapidly upgrade your working efficiency. The brand new flat GUI design and humanized structure will make your daily management more pleasant and convenient.

       ZKTime.Net is also a simple HR Management System that supports to push attendance transactions via LINE. With this way, make work easier and more efficient.


• Support simple access control
• Smart shift schedule
• Real-time monitoring
• Software online update and feedback
• Leave management and vacation balance
• Flexible and cross-day shift schedule
• E-mail alerts for employee exceptions
• Employee and department auto shedule
• Attendance calculation and 15+ attendance reports
• Multi-biometric templates (face/ fngerprint/palm/ fngervein/ card/ pin)

What’s new in Thai version

• Supports to push the attendance transactions to LINE.
• Supports to push the attendance transactions which were generated while the network disconnecting or reconnecting again to LINE.
• Supports to push Thai or English LINE Notification.
• Supports to export and Print daily departments employee activity report conveniently.
• Supports to export the attendance transactions automatically.







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