ZKTeco Exhibits Pioneering Biometrics Security Products and Solutions in SECON 2022

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ZKTeco is proud to have participated in the SECON 2022 International Security Exhibition & Conference, which were taken place in KINTEX, Korea, from 20th to 22nd April 2022, and have successfully displayed our pioneering biometrics products and solution in the Asia’s largest integrated exhibition of security, with approximately 23,000 visitors and 300 industry-leading corporates’ participation.


ZKTeco Exhibits Pioneering Biometrics Security Products and Solutions in SECON 2022

In the exhibition, ZKTeco displayed its various products with advanced security technologies, including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and palm recognition techniques, and various security solutions with cloud technology for various uses, including entrance control and video surveillance etc. It also showcased its newest ProFace X (SL) Series Facial Recognition Terminal with an IP68 waterproof and IK10 impact protection ratings. The device’s superior quality has earned numerous positive feedback from the visitors, which is critical to the development of ZKTeco’s biometrics technologies. It is expected to see an increasing demand for convenient and universal identity authentication methods. ZKTeco also emphasised the importance of the development of BLE and NFC-based mobile access control system solution, as it has observed increased requirements of mobile access control with concerns about the security of biometrics information.


ZKTeco Exhibits Pioneering Biometrics Security Products and Solutions in SECON 2022

Hanry Jin, Sales Manager of ZKTeco Korea, said, “It is the first large exhibition in Asia since the COVID9 outbreak and is also a large reunion for us to meet our clients finally. Over the past two years, ZKTeco has been striving for its best and has gained enormous upgrades in terms of both biometrics techniques and security grades; the very majority of our clients have shown great interest in our new products, which cement the solid foundation of ZKTeco’s localization in Korea.”

About SECON 2022


SECON 2022, co-organized by the Ministries of Interior and Safety and Science and ICT, aims to contribute to the enhancement of national security by strengthening security professionals' abilities and nurturing the domestic security sector. It helps attendees examine global trends and the latest technology trends in the security sector, which are critical issues in the hyper-connected society and METAVERSE, and suggest right directions for the security industry in the future.


SECON, the Korean professional security exhibition, initially started in 2001 and marked its 21st anniversary this year as Asia’s largest integrated security exhibition. SECON, an optimal place to exchange global trends and the latest technologies and knowledge in the security sector, encompassing physical and IT security, can help attendees experience in one place and was held on a scale of approximately 32,157 square meters Hall 3 to 5, KINTEX, Korea.

ZKTeco Exhibits Pioneering Biometrics Security Products and Solutions in SECON 2022



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